Zephyrs of Iraq
Saturday 16 April 2011


Zephyrs of Iraq


Once more Ismail Fadhil from Australia, that great Maqamchi and nightingale of Iraqi music rocked the audience with beautiful traditional Iraqi songs at the Brunei Gallery of SOAS.  The concert Zephyrs of Iraq brought in old songs that people identified with days of musical glory in Iraq.  Ismail was supported by a group of international musicians bringing a soft breeze from different countries, from Holland; Jamil Assady, Sweden; Furat Hussein and Snan Slewa, UK; our own Ehsan Emam and Taher Barakat. Ehsan had a beautiful solo piece and Taher played Maqam Nakhabat using a novel self made instrument sounding like Joza and violin.

The audience joined in the singing and in the percussion with wild Basrawi clapping.  The finale brought the audience to frenzy with dancing to the song of Haja’.  It was a wonderful evening thoroughly enjoyed by the 200 people audience who might have stayed all night had they been allowed.  The spirit of the audience made it a truly memorable event. At the end a surprise addition was made to the programme showing a beautiful short film made in Australia of Ta’theni, the famous Saleh Al Kuwaity composition, featuring Ismail Fadhil.  The film was well received and wildly applauded. (see link)

The concert was a charity event hosted by the London Middle East Institute and sponsored by the Iraqi Amal Association for the purpose of supporting family advice centres in Iraq.

Project Manager: Emile Cohen

Organiser: Niran Bassoon



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